Lonetree Photography hosts the photographic images of Waynne Meintjes and forms the imaging component of the “waynnesworld” creative collective.


Goscinny & Uderzo said: “All roads lead to Rome!”   


This may be true, but Waynne was going the wrong way.  Classically trained as nothing close to a photographer or writer, it was left to passion (and a beautiful woman) to eventually bring the man to the edge of the river Tiber… metaphorically speaking (but of course you already knew that).


Lonetree Photography was conceived in the recesses of a pre-digital Kodak compact – somewhere near a frozen stream in Canada. Its digital infancy was nurtured among the Glens and Bens of Scotland and it eventually got teeth while scraping its knees on the cliffs around Hermanus in South Africa.


Culminating a love of nature and the female form (not necessarily in that order) is the natural outcome of years of learning and experimenting – this is where Lonetree Photography aims to prosper.